Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Upcoming green building events

Dear China Green Building watchers-

I just want to quickly alert to you a few great green building events that are taking place over the next few months.

First up is Scaling Up: From Green Buildings to Green Cities in the U.S. and China.
The event will be held on Friday, May 1st in San Francisco and is being sponsored by the Asia Society, who incidentally has been really making a move into the green China arena with their recent reports on climate change and water security.

Second is Green Building Summit: Greentech Media's Forum on the Future of Building. The event will be held on Thursday, June 11th in Menlo Park. Greentech Media is a great source of info for all news related to cleantech, and does some great coverage of Serious Materials and the other emerging green building cleantech companies.

Next is the China Eco-Expo, held June 18-20 in Beijing and sponsored by the Ministry of Construction (although it's interesting to note that the MoC no longer exists, having recently changed names to MOHURD- Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development.)

Last, but certainly not least, is GreenBuild Asia 2009. This event will be held July 7-9 in Hong Kong.

UPDATE: China Sustainable Building Summit 2009 to be held June 29- July 1 in Shanghai.

If there are any other green building events in Asia or the US, please let me know and I will be happy to add them to this blog post. Thanks!


Angela Wang said...

Hello, do you happen to know anything about a Climate Change summit in Tianjin, China this coming October 26, 2009?


Nicolette Mueller said...

Any plans to attend GreenBuild Asia 2009? Heard they are calling it GreenBuild China now. How about the China Sustainable Building Summit?

Would love to know what you think about these events.

Did you attend the China Eco Expo? How was it?